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When your child joins us, you will be introduced to his/her key worker in one of the following rooms. The key worker will build a special relationship, take prime responsibility and will understand your childs individual needs. You will most likely find that the key worker becomes your childs best friend. They will let you know at the end of the day what activities your child has been involved in, what progress they have made and what fun they have had during the day.

We offer care that meets the needs of children of different ages and have lots of fun as we grow and learn at Monmouth House Nursery.

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Upstairs - Baby floor

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle is a tranquil world for our babies from birth to 18 months. Here our babies are looked after by our baby floor leader Catherine Jones, a fully qualified primary teacher who implements the foundation phase + 7 areas of learning where appropriate.



Why Not Have a Go At Making Some Gloop at Home

Gloop is a wonderful thing. It’s squidgy and oozy, you can make it into little balls and then let it drip, drop, drip back into the bowl. You can play with it inside on a rainy day or outside in the sunshine. It is messy but washes away effortlessly but is probably best avoided over carpet or soft furnishings!  I cannot help myself, if I make it for the kids my hands are soon in there too, I have been known to push them out of the way so I can have a proper play! We love it.

You can roll it into little balls then let it lie in your hand and it is liquid again oozing between your fingers.

It is really easy to make. In a large bowl or a deep baking tray mix cornflour with water adding the water slowly and stirring until you get a liquid which feels like a solid if you push it. 

Little ones like making marks in it; pushing it about with sticks or spoons. They like lifting it up and letting it run and ooze. The older ones like rolling it into balls and piling it up into towers. You can add food colouring to it to jazz it up and glitter to it at Christmas.

Whenever we all sit down and play everybody gets entranced and totally absorbed and our children love experimenting with it :-)

Gloop is a liquid and a solid. If you push it, it is a solid, if you let it go it spreads as a liquid. The science behind it is the same as the science which explains how you can walk on custard.